Movistar to introduce WhatsApp Messenger with a new Firefox OS Smartphone


Last time when we asked all of you about your favorite Android or iOS apps, you want to use on your Firefox OS device, WhatsApp tops the chart. We all know Android is so popular due to its vast collection of Apps. According to one of our sources, Movistar along with an unknown hardware manufacturer is all set to launch a new Firefox OS powered Smartphone later this holiday season. With that Firefox OS device, Movistar is going to introduce the popular messenger client WhatsApp.


Movistar to introduce WhatsApp Messenger with a new Firefox OS Smartphone

Our source reveled that Movistar has learnt from their customer’s feedback (both Android and Non-Android) that inclusion of popular apps such as WhatAspp will boost their customer base and Firefox OS will give Android a strong fight in the mid-range Smartphone segment. If we are not fully wrong, then the new device will introduce by ZTE. There is a slight chance of Huawei to introduce that as well. Apart from ZTE, Huawei is yet another brand having close relationship with Telefónica Movistar. Currently there are quite a few devices testing as prototypes, so it’s very hard to tell the correct brand name.

Movistar is planning to give their audiences a nice little gift in the holiday season (during Christmas) to share their happiness with others through WhatsApp application with a new Firefox OS device. We now just have to wait and watch as other service providers and Smartphone manufacturers are preparing themselves to introduce Firefox OS devices in new markets during Q4.

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3 Responses to “Movistar to introduce WhatsApp Messenger with a new Firefox OS Smartphone”

  1. Terry says:

    That a good news but is it possible that a technology like the one that whatsapp use been done with HTML5?!

  2. Sergio Oliveira says:

    Terry it possible. In worst case scenario they would need to implement a server-side proxy that exposes a http API. But I’m not even sure if that would be necessary.

  3. […] back in 11th September, we leaked the news that on Firefox OS, soon we will have the popular social chat app client – Wha…. Many officials denied the leak saying their is now plan from the WhatsApp.Inc to bring the chat […]

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